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Release Me ~ J Kenner

Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1)Release Me by J. Kenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 smutastic stars!

Yes. This is another story about an impossibly gorgeous bazillionare who becomes obsessed with a mysterious & more than slightly broken young woman. Yes. There are countless books out there focusing on the same or a similar theme. What makes this one different? What makes this one stand out among the countless other books attempting to jump on the Fifty Shades of Grey & Bared to You bandwagon? It's very simple. The writing.

J Kenner is a good author. I mean, really good. Her writing style captured my attention immediately, and while I initially thought this book was a bit slow to get into, once I did...whoa boy, there was no way I was going to stop reading until the end.

Nikki is not your everyday heroine. She has similarities to Eva from Bared to You. But Nikki's demons are more about anxiety and lack of control over her own life. Her character felt very real to me, and I could totally understand her insecurities. And because of that I wasn't constantly yelling at her in my head about holding herself back from Damien for so long. Because the reasons that she did...made sense.

Damien Stark....oh Lordy, where do I begin?
At first I thought he was an asshat. A sexy asshat, but an asshat nonetheless. But I quickly warmed up to his demanding & possessive demeanor. Yes some of his behavior bordered on stalkerish, but damn if i wasn't able to overlook the bad in order to see all the good qualities simmering underneath the hard surface. He truly cared about Nikki. Right from the beginning. And the way he helped her fight her demons was so sweet and beautiful that I dare anyone to read this book and not feel your heart melt for him at some point.

Now...let's get down to business.
The sex?!

Off. The. Charts.
Once again, J Kenner is a damn good author. She writes some amazingly hot sex scenes. Even when the 2 main characters aren't even in the same location. I'm a big fan of dirty talk in books, and seriously? Damien has to be one of my all time favorites in that department.

"Dinner is just the beginning. I want to touch you," he says, his voice low and commanding. "I want to run my hands over every inch of you. I want you wet for me. I want to finish what we started, Ms Fairchild. I want to make you come."

"Pleasure? We're going to blow the roof off pleasure. I'm going to make you beg for it. I'm going to claim you. I'm going to tease you. I'm going to torment you. And you're going to come for me like you've never come in your life."

*eyes glaze over*
Um...uh...what? Where was I?! *cough*

Annnnnyway... this book may sound like a lot of others out there. But, this one as well as another one of my recent favorites The Pleasures of Winter, stand out among a sea of wanna-be FSOG clones. One of the main differences happen to be that both blow that little book out of the water. They are both far more well written, the characters are much more real and endearing and yes...even the sex is hotter. ;)

So, give this one (and TPOW) a try and strap yourselves in for one hell of an erotic roller coaster ride!

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  1. Henry Vacillate as Damien Stark? Sure! The only reason Why I didn't give this 5stars was the very close similarity to 50 & Crossfire. I mean the blurb says that but I wish she wrote something different. Surely there's more than one version of erotica story right? And can't normal people be kinky? I'm normal and I'm kinky LOL. Great review though.