Saturday, August 15, 2015

Voyager ~ Diana Gabaldon

Voyager (Outlander, #3)Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 - 4.5 stars.

So...I seem to always have the unpopular opinion.
For me, the previous book, Dragonfly in Amber was a much more interesting read for me. I preferred all the quiet, emotional moments in DIA than the seemingly over-the-top adventures  in the second half of Voyager. Not to say I didn't still devour this book like a starving man.

As with the first book, I found myself being extremely frustrated with Claire throughout Voyager. Constantly doubting Jaime when he has proven himself time and again to her. Yes, the situation (view spoiler)  was messed up. BUT....she was gone for 20 flipping years!!! He wasn't supposed to have a life without her? It's not like her life didn't continue when she left him. And while she was admittedly far from happy with is extremely selfish of her to just assume that if Jaime did survive that he would remain alone forever. But...I digress. That is obviously a sore subject for me, Claire's double standard way of I will leave it alone now.

Anyway, I liked the addition of the new characters...especially LJG. I for one think John Grey is in incredibly interesting addition to the series, and while I realize that fans either love him or hate him...i personally love him, and am even more excited to read his side books that tie into the main series.

So, to wrap up....I enjoyed Voyager quite a bit. Was it without bumps in the road for me? No. Did I find myself wanting to punch Claire in the face at times? Yes. But, the overall world that Gabaldon has created here is addictive and well written enough to keep me coming back for more.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fire Inside ~ Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside (Chaos, #2)Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

 photo STAR-25_zpsd96272f8.png

2 - 2.5 stars.

Definitely not my favorite KA book.
I found myself skimming sections of the book towards the end just so i could finish it, which is something i rarely do with KA.

While i grew to really like Hop, Lanie on the other hand is hands down one of the most frustrating and unlikable of KA's leading ladies. There were several times....SEVERAL....when i was so annoyed by her behavior or by something she said, that it took all i had not to slam my Kindle into a wall.

I am not a fan of needless angst, and there was a truckload of it here. If there was even the slightest opportunity for Lanie to overreact to something, she ran with it. Talk about a drama queen! I can't believe that Hop put up with as much of her drama as he did.

This might sound harsh, especially considering i usually love how long and detailed KA's books are, but I truly feel like she could have edited out a good 100-150 pages. The majority of this book felt like filler, to be honest. Nothing really happened....except for Lanie to find more and more ways to act like a selfish, spoiled brat. I get that she lived through a horrible experience. But she used that incident as a crutch to play with Hop's emotions. Not cool in my book.

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Own the Wind, but this was a huge letdown for me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

11/22/63 ~ Stephen King

11/22/6311/22/63 by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6 As Close To Perfection As You Can Get, stars

This was a book I had put off reading for a very long time. Not just because of the fact it was nearly 900 pages long. But, rather because I felt like it was going to be a book I needed to devote myself to completely, in order to fully enjoy the complexity of the story.

I was right about needing to devote myself to this book, if for no other reason than the fact that for the week that it took me to complete, reading this book was ALL i wanted to do.

I was completely blown away by how much I fell in love with this story. Tackling a Stephen King book can be daunting at times, especially one dealing with such a heavy, and well known subject. But from the first page I was completely sucked into this world. As cliched as it sounds, I felt like I KNEW Jake, and because I felt such a connection to his character, I felt all his emotions throughout the book, right along with him.

The fact that this book was so long, one would expect for the story to drag at some point. But, this never happened once for me. There was never a time when I wasn't completely invested in Jake's story. No matter what the focus of the plot was.

If you think this is just a story about the Kennedy assassination, or time travel....then think again. There are so many different layers to the plot, and King has brought to life such a fully realized world...that it truly is mind-blowing. The depth and richness of this story, is unlike anything else I have experienced.

King has always been very hit or miss for me. But with 11/22/63 King has knocked it out of the park, and created his masterpiece.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Angel Fallen ~ Jennifer Leighton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
3.5-4 Naughty Angel stars

Book description:
When Garon gets the news he’s about to be transferred to a new assignment, his entire world comes crashing down around him, for as a guardian angel, a new charge can only mean one thing.

His Jessie, the girl he’s watched over from the moment of her birth, the human he’d been created to protect, is about to die.

Can he stand by and let her be destroyed? Or will he dare to do the unthinkable.

Dare to fall....

Jessica Martin doesn’t believe in happily ever after. Prince Charming is just a lie bought by starry-eyed women, and she’s far from that anymore.

No man has ever measured up to the one who lives in her imagination. With no real family, just temporary ones that came and went, she’s had few constants in her life, but the make-believe friend from her childhood has always been there for her. Always.

Too bad George isn’t real.

So when a mysterious man rescues her from danger, she can’t help but be suspicious. Her Good Samaritan is blond-haired, blue-eyed, and drop dead gorgeous, the complete embodiment of her perfect man, but he’s more than what he seems. The strange familiarity in his eyes, his touch…it shouldn’t be there.

What is he hiding?


This was just the quick, hot read that i needed!
Always a sucker for the Angel/Fallen Angel storyline, I was excited to read this take on the classic theme.

   photo bbtsheldonsquee_zpse4fea553.gif

I really loved how devoted Goran/George is to Jessie. She is literally his entire world, and when he discovers that she is about to die, he sacrifices himself in order to save her. In the process, he becomes "human" and is given the chance to be with his Jessie for real.

This might sound like a sweet little fairy tale, and while it has some sweet, romantic aspects to the story....this is definitely first and foremost an erotic tale. And the author does a good job of bringing the heat. The chemistry is great and i could feel the attraction between these two. To be honest, i have never been a fan of the whole insta-love thing, and I would have preferred a bit more of a buildup in their relationship before the mind blowing sex starts filling the pages...but, i do appreciate how much of George & Jessie's story we get in a short novel.

Considering this is a debut novel, I am very impressed by the author's writing ability. It definitely doesn't read like a debut...everything flows together very well, and she paints a very vivid picture with her it with Goran's struggle to make the leap from Angel to human, or with the sex scenes that, did i mention?... are H O T.  I'm looking forward to the next chapter in Jennifer Leighton's career.

**This book was offered to me by the author, in exchange for an honest review.**

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Play (Stage Dive #2) ~ Kylie Scott

Play (Stage Dive, #2)Play by Kylie Scott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Smile Like You Mean It Stars!

   photo 5-stars_zpsc4obgfaa.jpg

I really enjoyed the first book in the Stage Dive series, Lick, but i absolutely freaking LOVED this one!!!

I can honestly say that while reading the first 75% of this story, i laughed and smiled more than I have in quite some time. I actually can't remember the last time a book genuinely made laugh out loud, but this one did just that...several times.

Mal is a force of nature. His personality is larger than life and he is hands down one of the most endearing characters I have come across in ages. The banter between him and Anne (AKA Pumpkin) is pure gold and I think i ended up highlighting the vast majority of their early conversations.

Anne is pretty much my idea of the perfect female lead character. She's sweet and can be vulnerable. But she's also stronger than she thinks she is, and knows exactly how to keep Mal in line without being overbearing. She's pretty much a badass.

Let's be honest here; The plot was more than a little far fetched....Anne was completely on board with Mal deciding to move in with her after knowing each other for about 5 minutes, and she was incredibly blasé about the whole "Fake Girlfriend" aspect of their relationship. But, the beauty of this book was that even though there were certain elements that shouldn't have worked, or should have come off as silly and ridiculous.....the story still ended up being close to PERFECT in my eyes. Because i was able to suspend my belief system and just go on this journey with Mal and Anne and it was so worth it.

The last act of the book was a bit more serious, and while I missed the funny back and forth banter between Mal & Anne, the different vibe still worked and I found myself feeling the emotions pouring off the characters. The reasons behind Mal's sudden mood swings were more understandable, and I loved how completely supportive Anne was of him and his family. Kylie Scott really knows how to write about characters that make you experience all the feels. Just one of the many reasons to love this series....and this author.

I am all geared up for Jimmy's story and can't wait to dive into Lead. It will be a tall order to come close to topping Mal, but I can't wait to see where that story goes. But for now, I am still riding on the high that was Malcolm & Anne's quirky, sweet, and steamy love story.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lick (Stage Dive #1) ~ Kylie Scott

Lick (Stage Dive, #1)Lick by Kylie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 photo stars_zps2c147b86.jpg
5 Second Chance Stars!!

This just goes to show that just because you originally can't get into a book the first time you pick it up, doesn't mean it won't end up knocking your socks off in the future.

I attempted to read this one quite a while ago, and just couldn't connect with the story or the characters. So it ended up on my DNF shelf. Fast forward to a few days ago, and yours truly in yet another horrendous reading slump and i just decided to give it one more shot before deleting it off my Kindle for good.

And i am SO GLAD I decided to give this another shot, because it ended up being one of the most entertaining reading experiences I have had in a long time.

Anyone who reads my reviews, or just knows what my reading preferences are....knows i am not a fan of needless angst and melodrama.  One of my major pet peeves is when i'm reading a story and it is obvious that the author decided to either lengthen the story or to just try and make it more interesting by throwing in one crisis after another for the H/h. A vindictive ex, meddling parents, or just a long string of ridiculous misunderstandings that manage to keep the couple apart until the very end of the book. I'm all for an emotional story, but when obstacle after obstacle magically pop up like christmas lights down main street, it gets to be rather frustrating. And i read to escape the frustrations of my daily life. So, when I find a book that is sweet, romantic, funny, steamy AND blessedly Over-The-Top-Angst free...i am a happy girl.

   photo attention_zps44e1768c.gif

I've always been a sucker for a good Rocker Romance. The problem is that there are so many of them out there now, that it all feels like the same story. But Lick really does stand out from the pack. Call it insta-love if you want, but I loved the way David was all in right from the beginning. He knew after spending one night with Evelyn that she was the one. And instead of having "buyers remorse" the morning after spontaneously getting married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, David wants to try and make it work. Even when he realizes that Ev doesn't remember the obviously special night the two of them shared (as blurred by alcohol as it was).

Kylie Scott took what on the surface seems like an overly wacky plot, and injected so much humor and emotion and just plain FEELS into it, that i couldn't help but be swept away by it. David and Ev are perfect together, and even though they have issues to deal with...they always know that regardless of how odd the circumstances of their coming together were, that there is a real connection and real feelings between them. And i loved that it didn't take until the very end of the book for the two of them to accept that.

I am currently reading book 2 of this series (Play...Mal is such a sexy goofball) and I am, so far,  enjoying it just as much as the first. I'm definitely going to give books i have given up in the past a second shot after this experience.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last Light ~ M. Pierce

Last Light (Night Owl, #2)Last Light by M. Pierce
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

 photo STAR-25_zpsd96272f8.png
Once upon a time a jaded book nerd discovered a story that stood out among the sea of carbon copy FSOG wannabes and proceeded to knock her socks off.

The first book in this trilogy, Night Owl was that book.

Now, this book nerd was more than a little picky when it came to her idea of the Perfect Leading Man. Broody, sensitive with a bit of possessiveness thrown in? Right up her alley. Throw in a dry sense of humor and one hell of a dirty mouth, and she was in heaven. Enter Matt Sky....and this humble book nerd was a goner.

Jump ahead a couple of years, and this same book nerd has decided it is FINALLY time to tackle the next book in the series.

After the first chapter, she remembered how much she had loved the first book, and sighed in contentment to be back inside the heads of these wonderful, unique characters. This feeling of contentment continued throughout the first half of the book.

And then....things started to go wrong.

The book nerd (i.e. Me) isn't sure the exact moment things began to fall apart. Maybe it was when Matt's being evasive turned into obsessively lying to cover his ass. Or, maybe it was when Hannah decided to not only start drooling over Matt's bother Nate (a good guy, and a likable character)...but also his OTHER brother, Seth (a broody musician who goes from being a totally douchey Alpha-asshat in the beginning, to having no balls whatsoever by the last act of the book). I guess Hannah is just SO IN LOVE with Matt that she can't control her hormones around any of the Sky men. If their father had been alive, I'm sure she would have started daydreaming about him as well.

There were just so...many...times...where Matt and Hannah's actions made little sense. Especially in the scope of the previous book. Yes, they went through some trust and lies issues in Night Owl...but the level of fuckery that was on display here was ridiculous. Matt has always been a loose cannon, he has real issues to deal with, and he definitely struggled here. But some of HANNAH'S behavior just boggled my mind.

**Warning: Spoil-filled rant ahead**

Adding "I slept with Seth" at the end of the note to Matt. That was just a childish Fuck You, and completely unnecessary. And the icing on the cake, as it were? Giving Seth a HJ. Um, really?! Why?! Because you're mad at Matt? Because you're hurt? How about because you're a narcissistic slut face. Okay...that might sound harsh, but that scene really pissed me off, and i felt like that whole aspect to the story was ridiculous and not needed at all. Drama for drama sake. In the same vain, the scenes with Melanie groping Matt in his car. Again....added nothing but angst and drama to the book where it wasn't needed.

Were the sex scenes still smoking hot? Hell yes. Was Matt's dirty mouth still on full display? Praise Sweet baby Jesus, it was. But....believe it or not, i need more than just great sex scenes to fully enjoy a book.

Considering the high ratings this book has gotten, i know these opinions are in the minority. And maybe my expectations were just too high for this book. But, this was one of the biggest let downs by a book I've had in a while. I almost feel like this was filler between the beginning and the end of Matt & Hannah's story. Maybe it should have remained a stand alone. I just wish i felt differently.

The Return

I have been away for a while.

Dealing with a lot of personal issues that have nothing to do with books or reading.
To be honest, it's not easy for me to just jump right back into the swing of things, but I'm going to do my best.

I have read very little over the last few months, but I am hopeful that will change now that I am attempting to focus more on doing things i enjoy, rather than sitting and brooding over things i can't change.

We'll see how it goes.

To anyone who may be reading this, thanks for your patience, and for sticking with me through it all.