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Last Light ~ M. Pierce

Last Light (Night Owl, #2)Last Light by M. Pierce
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Once upon a time a jaded book nerd discovered a story that stood out among the sea of carbon copy FSOG wannabes and proceeded to knock her socks off.

The first book in this trilogy, Night Owl was that book.

Now, this book nerd was more than a little picky when it came to her idea of the Perfect Leading Man. Broody, sensitive with a bit of possessiveness thrown in? Right up her alley. Throw in a dry sense of humor and one hell of a dirty mouth, and she was in heaven. Enter Matt Sky....and this humble book nerd was a goner.

Jump ahead a couple of years, and this same book nerd has decided it is FINALLY time to tackle the next book in the series.

After the first chapter, she remembered how much she had loved the first book, and sighed in contentment to be back inside the heads of these wonderful, unique characters. This feeling of contentment continued throughout the first half of the book.

And then....things started to go wrong.

The book nerd (i.e. Me) isn't sure the exact moment things began to fall apart. Maybe it was when Matt's being evasive turned into obsessively lying to cover his ass. Or, maybe it was when Hannah decided to not only start drooling over Matt's bother Nate (a good guy, and a likable character)...but also his OTHER brother, Seth (a broody musician who goes from being a totally douchey Alpha-asshat in the beginning, to having no balls whatsoever by the last act of the book). I guess Hannah is just SO IN LOVE with Matt that she can't control her hormones around any of the Sky men. If their father had been alive, I'm sure she would have started daydreaming about him as well.

There were just so...many...times...where Matt and Hannah's actions made little sense. Especially in the scope of the previous book. Yes, they went through some trust and lies issues in Night Owl...but the level of fuckery that was on display here was ridiculous. Matt has always been a loose cannon, he has real issues to deal with, and he definitely struggled here. But some of HANNAH'S behavior just boggled my mind.

**Warning: Spoil-filled rant ahead**

Adding "I slept with Seth" at the end of the note to Matt. That was just a childish Fuck You, and completely unnecessary. And the icing on the cake, as it were? Giving Seth a HJ. Um, really?! Why?! Because you're mad at Matt? Because you're hurt? How about because you're a narcissistic slut face. Okay...that might sound harsh, but that scene really pissed me off, and i felt like that whole aspect to the story was ridiculous and not needed at all. Drama for drama sake. In the same vain, the scenes with Melanie groping Matt in his car. Again....added nothing but angst and drama to the book where it wasn't needed.

Were the sex scenes still smoking hot? Hell yes. Was Matt's dirty mouth still on full display? Praise Sweet baby Jesus, it was. But....believe it or not, i need more than just great sex scenes to fully enjoy a book.

Considering the high ratings this book has gotten, i know these opinions are in the minority. And maybe my expectations were just too high for this book. But, this was one of the biggest let downs by a book I've had in a while. I almost feel like this was filler between the beginning and the end of Matt & Hannah's story. Maybe it should have remained a stand alone. I just wish i felt differently.

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