Wednesday, May 27, 2015

11/22/63 ~ Stephen King

11/22/6311/22/63 by Stephen King
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6 As Close To Perfection As You Can Get, stars

This was a book I had put off reading for a very long time. Not just because of the fact it was nearly 900 pages long. But, rather because I felt like it was going to be a book I needed to devote myself to completely, in order to fully enjoy the complexity of the story.

I was right about needing to devote myself to this book, if for no other reason than the fact that for the week that it took me to complete, reading this book was ALL i wanted to do.

I was completely blown away by how much I fell in love with this story. Tackling a Stephen King book can be daunting at times, especially one dealing with such a heavy, and well known subject. But from the first page I was completely sucked into this world. As cliched as it sounds, I felt like I KNEW Jake, and because I felt such a connection to his character, I felt all his emotions throughout the book, right along with him.

The fact that this book was so long, one would expect for the story to drag at some point. But, this never happened once for me. There was never a time when I wasn't completely invested in Jake's story. No matter what the focus of the plot was.

If you think this is just a story about the Kennedy assassination, or time travel....then think again. There are so many different layers to the plot, and King has brought to life such a fully realized world...that it truly is mind-blowing. The depth and richness of this story, is unlike anything else I have experienced.

King has always been very hit or miss for me. But with 11/22/63 King has knocked it out of the park, and created his masterpiece.

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