Friday, February 26, 2010

Storm Of Visions by Christina Dodd


This book tried my patience right from the very beginning. I understand that this book is loosely tied-in with Dodd's previous Dark Chosen series, but the author seemed to have just assumed that anyone reading Storm Of Visions would have been completely versed in the previous series. This being my first attempt at reading one of Dodd's books, I was completely frustrated and confused through the first 75-100 pages. There is nothing more annoying than starting a book, and feeling like you're being dropped right in the middle of the story.

But, once i figured out what was going on, i realized the story itself was just plain ridiculous and over-blown. The characters are over the top and the melodrama is suffocating. In all honesty, Dodd's writing is repetitive and just not very good.

It's rare that i give up on a book...but i could only make it 200 pages into this one.

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