Friday, February 26, 2010

Dark Gold by Christine Feehan (Carpathians # 3)

2 out 5 stars

Christine Feehan has fostered an amazingly successful career from rehashing basically the same plot over and over again. All of the Carpathian books that i have read have pretty much been the same, with the exception of the names and locations. Incredibly beautiful female becomes the obsession of an incredibly possessive and arrogant vampire. The female puts up a half-hearted resistance to the vampire's advances before finally falling under his spell and the two characters end up having poorly written and terribly repetitive sex. A somewhat cardboard cutout villian/obsticle prevents the couple's happiness for a while, before once again love conquers all and the Carpathians ride off into the sunset.

Yep...that about covers all of the books in the series that i have read.

As far as this one specifically goes...There is relatively little action in this book. The main focus being the relationship between Aidan & Alex. The interaction between them...the constant back and forth of Aidan trying to get Alex to obey his every command, and Alex whining about everything under the sun... got more than a bit repetitive and mind-numbingly boring by about page 200. And while i liked Aidan, Alex got on my last nerve. Having said that, it still ended up being slightly better than the previous book in the series.

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