Friday, February 26, 2010

Beyond The Night by Joss Ware

2 stars out of 5

I was so excited to find a book combining so many unique elements that I love; post-apocalyptic mayhem, adventure, paranormal romance and zombies. How could it disappoint, right? Unfortunately, after a promising start, this book completely fell apart.

For the first 75 pages, I was riveted to this story. It was only after the band of survivors made their way to the city of Envy (a barren version of Las Vegas) that things went south for me. The story became less a zombie ass-kicking adventure, and more a retread of cliched para-romance themes. I won't get into specifics, since I don't want to spoil the 'twists' for anyone who plans on reading this, but I will just say that I rolled my eyes several times. And I have the say the last third of this book worked on my patience, and there was a LOT of skimming. To be honest, I was very happy to see this novel come to an end, which is unfortunate considering how excited I was when I began this book. :(

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