Friday, February 26, 2010

Scent Of Darkness by Christina Dodd

2 out 5 stars

I REALLY wanted to like this book. But, unfortunately the story just didn't work for me. On numerous levels.

The main problem i had with the plot, was the fact that we are supposed to believe that Jasha worked with Ann for all that time, and never thought of her as anything other than his assistant, But, have him chase her through the woods in his wolf form, and suddenly she's irresistible? And within hours, he has decided she's his mate (aided by a few very complicated, very silly supposed 'signs')? Speaking of the above encounter...the entire scenario of Ann deciding to drive out to his house (which the author describes as looking like a giant penis) to surprise her boss and offer him her virginity was downright laughable. Possibly handled by another author, i MIGHT have been able to get past it. But here, it came off as ridiculous, and made me cringe while reading it. I know it's important to suspend reality while reading a book like this, but this was just one of a few aspects to this story that i just couldn't buy.

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