Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dissolution ~ KI Lynn

Dissolution (Breach, #1.5)Dissolution by K.I. Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5++ Oh-Nathan-Let-Me-Comfort-You stars - even though it was FAR too short, even for a novella

Not too much to say about this one that hasn't been mentioned in other reviews. It was really nice to get inside Nathan's head for a little while. Even though it can be a very dark, and crazy place.

My love for Nathan in the first book is no secret. Yes, he was caveman-esque at times. (Okay, most of the time), and yes the reasoning behind his trying to push Lila away felt slightly forced. But, I was able to ignore the faults in the storyline because I truly do love his character so much and want to see him happy and humping like bunnies with Lila. :P

Again, this novella was EXTREMELY short (24 pages), so we really didn't get the kind of glimpse into Nathan's mind that i would have liked to have had. But since the series is going past 2 books...there's hope that fans of the series may get another chance.

Side Note #1: I found out after reading this that the series was inspired by Twilight and/or started out as fanfic. I have no problem with fanfiction in general, but I have to admit...i really don't want the image of Rob Pattinson trying to take over the perfect vision I have of Nathan in my imagination. I kind of wish I hadn't found out, or at least not until I had finished the series. Just one of my little quirks.

Side Note #2: Truth - the conversations between Nathan and his "beast"? Kinda creepy. Maybe a little more than kinda. LOL

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