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Holly and Her Naughty eReader ~ Julianne Spencer

Holly and Her Naughty eReaderHolly and Her Naughty eReader by Julianne Spencer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6 stars!

What an unexpected surprise this turned out to be!

I had spent the last month reading six Kristen Ashley books back to back. And while I adore her writing, I decided I should change things up a bit in order not burn myself out on her writing. So, I was looking around on Amazon for a quick, fun read and stumbled upon this freebie. I will freely admit to initially only being interested because the main character had my name (silly, i know), but once I read the synopsis, I knew this sounded like a book I would enjoy. And I definitely wasn't wrong.

You know that feeling you get when you're reading a really awesome book and you wish you could just transport yourself inside the story? To experience it as if you were one of the main characters? Well, thanks to a series of hilarious events, our intrepid protagonist Holly gets to do just that. Every time she picks up her beloved Kindle Fire, she literally finds herself inside the books she reads. Talk about a book nerd's dream come true!

Among the adventures we get to experience along with Holly: While diving into Breaking Dawn, Holly inhabits the body of Edward Cullen long enough to nix Bella's plans to name their baby Reneesme. In the gothic world of Wuthering Heights and in the body of Catherine, she steals away for a much needed night of passion with Heathcliff. But the one story Holly finds herself returning to again and again, is called His Golden Shackles. A Fifty Shades knockoff about a BDSM-loving billionaire wizard (yes...he's a wizard. And I really, really, really wish HGS was real because that's a combo I would LOVE to read about). And as with most things that seems too good to be true...there is a dark side to this book lover's paradise. Suddenly the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur, and some mighty famous (and infamous) fictional characters decide that they want to come out and play in the real world.

One of the best aspects to this book, was the humor. I read the majority of the story with a huge, goofy grin on my face. Obviously from the subject matter the author has a wicked sense of humor and she comes up with some incredibly well done, yet wacky scenarios. The following was one of the highlights of the entire book for me.

At the end of the hall stood a slim man wearing a dark purple robe. He carried a long stick in his hand. "Hello little Muggles," he said.
"Muggles?" I said
The man had an oddly shaped head and was missing a nose.
"Is that...Voldemort?"
And then, I kid you not, the elevator door opened and Yoda stepped out.
"Oh dear, the little green elf has come back for more." said Voldemort.
"Lacking humility you are," Yoda responded before firing up his lightsaber and leaping out of the elevator like a spastic, acrobatic monkey.

Now there's an image that I won't soon forget.

While this book might not be for everyone, i found it to be completely charming and I can honestly say I had more fun reading this book than any other I have tackled in 2012.

If you're going to read something, then read it with gusto. Bring the world to life in your mind with all the vitality, nuance and adventure you can. Those characters are counting on you to make their world an interesting place to live.

This book is a hidden gem. Perfect for anyone who ever read a book and wanted to BE the characters. Which is just about everyone who comes on GR! It's FREE on Amazon. Grab it and read it...thank me later.

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