Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tempt Me At Twilight ~ Lisa Kleypas

2 stars

I never thought I would see the day when I nearly gave up reading a Lisa Kleypas book out of sheer frustration. I have loved everything else I have read by her, and have quite the attachment to the Hathaway series. But, I just did not enjoy this book in so many ways.

My main problem was with the hero, Harry Rutlidge. This may end up being a very unpopular opinion, since i know so many people loved his and Poppy's story, but to me....there was very little to like about Harry. Yes, i know once the story of his childhood etc comes out, it is slightly easier to understand his actions and motivations, but for me, his behavior for the first half of this book completely turned me off on him. The obviously complete disregard for Poppy's feelings, and frankly his entire demeanor was just not attractive to me.

The only things I did enjoy about this book, were the scenes with the other members of the Hathaway clan, and I especially liked seeing the interactions between Marks and Leo. I have high hopes for that book, and hope that the rest of the series succeeds in making me forget how disappointing Poppy and Harry's story was.

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