Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anna Dressed In Blood ~ Kendare Blake

5++ Stars

Call me jaded or it could just be that having been a huge fan of horror from an early age, i have gotten to the point where it truly takes a LOT to unnerve me. But, while reading the incredibly entertaining Anna Dressed In Blood, i found myself feeling more than a little unsettled several times.

Cas is the new kid at the local high school in a small town in Canada. He also happens to be a ghost hunter. He (along with his mother, a White Witch) travel around the country dispatching spirits, following in the footsteps of his deceased father. He has come to find the spirit known as Anna Dressed in Blood, a 16 year old girl who was murdered on her way to a party. The legend goes that anyone who steps inside Anna's house, never comes out, and she has been blamed for dozens of gruesome deaths over the years. But for some reason when Cas breaches her doorstep, she allows him to live.

At times this book was frightening, heart-breaking, funny and even romantic. I truly loved each and every character, no matter how minor they might have appeared to be. And while I could argue that this book should be allowed to stand on it's own....with no real need for a sequel, I have to admit, i am excited to see what comes next for Cas and his group of unlikely friends.

A wonderfully entertaining joyride of a ghost story.

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