Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pride & Passion ~ Charlotte Featherstone

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4 stars

I've been having a hard time trying to put my thoughts together regarding this book. There were a LOT of things i absolutely loved about it, and there were more than a few things I didn't like.

The beginning grabbed my attention immediately. I haven't read any other historical romances with a paranormal edge to them, so i really enjoyed that aspect (initially at least). Also, the first half of the book was written beautifully....the characters came to life, and I found myself being swept away in their story. Adrian, The Lord of Sussex was a wonderful character. He is a deeply passionate, loving man who keeps his emotions hidden behind a facade of a cold, boring aristocrat.

I can honestly say, without a doubt Featherstone has written some of the most sensual and erotic love scenes I have read in a LONG time, in this book. As someone who likes their sex scenes steamy....i was a happy camper.

Now as to what I didn't like...The names of the 3 main female characters....Lucy, Lizzy and Izzy. Needless to say, it was a bit confusing to try and keep track of who was who at times. Also, the last third of the book felt a little overblown to me. The paranormal aspect, and the dialogue between Lucy and Adrian just felt....forced and cliched at times. Also, the fact that for two thirds of the book Lucy is so dead-set against being with Adrian, that the way she just decides from one minute to the next that she simply MUST be with him didn't really work for me.

However, despite any minor problems I may have had with the final act, the over-all book was a very enjoyable, uber steamy read. I can't wait for the next in the series.

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