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From This Moment On ~ Bella Andre

From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2)From This Moment On by Bella Andre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After reading and falling in love with the first book in this series, The Look of Love, I have to say this follow-up left something to be desired.

Marcus is the oldest of the Sullivan clan, and helped his mother raise his brothers and sisters after the death of their father. He has always been a steady and dependable force in the lives of his family. But, after discovering that his fiance is having an affair, Marcus decides he needs to be reckless for one night and heads to a club to pick up a random woman that will help him forget.

Nicola is a lonely pop star who decides to finally live up to the bad reputation she has garnered in the press thanks to a conniving ex boyfriend. Marcus is the perfect choice for a one night stand. He's gorgeous, seemingly trust-worthy and the best part of all...he has no idea that Nicola is better known as Nico the Pop Princess. But, of course the encounter doesn't go as planned, and one night turns into several angst filled days.

Where the first book in the Sullivan brothers series succeeded in the sheer romantic simplicity of the story, this book suffers from an over abundance of needless drama. I wasn't a fan of Nicola & Marcus as a couple for much of the book. I thought that Nicola was too childish and Marcus too stubborn. The back and forth of their "I want to be with you...but oh no, I just can't!" bickering was annoying at times.

Bella Andre does excel at writing love scenes. One thing I did love about Marcus was his inner Alpha male and his (admittedly watered down) need to Dominate Nicola in the bedroom. The two definitely had chemistry together. It was all the constant emo whining that bugged me about the story.

I will say that the last act of the book salvaged the story. I loved the way Marcus decided to prove to Nicola that he was committed to making their relationship work. And in the end, I was satisfied with their version of a HEA.

While not nearly as good as Chloe & Chase's story, From This Moment On ended on a high note, and left me anxious to dive into book 3.

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  1. bravoooooooooooo...! I've got 2 get into this series.. I TEMPT ME, TASTE ME,TOUCH ME on my 2Read PILE..:D.!