Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can't Help Falling in Love ~ Bella Andre

Can't Help Falling In Love (The Sullivan's, #3)Can't Help Falling In Love by Bella Andre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Megan is a single mom raising her 7 year old daughter Summer. After the devastating loss of her Navy pilot husband in a plane crash, Megan has sworn to never give her heart to another man who deals with danger on a daily basis. Enter Gabe Sullivan; A gorgeous firefighter who rescues Megan and Summer from their burning apartment.

Gabe is injured in the rescue and while Megan feels herself drawn to him, especially after seeing how kind he is to her daughter, she is determined to stay away from him. And even though Gabe is also attracted to Megan, he has his own reasons to not want to get into a relationship with someone he rescued.

After having been somewhat disappointed with the previous book in the series, From This Moment On, I'm happy to say that I enjoyed this book more over-all. Gabe & Megan fit together as a couple in a much more believable way than Marcus and Nicola did in book 2.

The love story unfolded in a sweet way that didn't seemed forced or rushed. Gabe was incredibly patient with Megan as she worked through her issues and the dynamic between Megan/Gabe/Summer felt very natural. And while the heat level was slightly less than in the previous books in the series, Bella Andre still retains her rank as one of the best authors at tackling love scenes.

The Sullivan series continues to be very entertaining, and Bella Andre has been added to my automatic buy list.

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  2. What a sweet and charming story. I love it! Looks like Megan found her knight in the shining armor. A must read story!