Friday, June 8, 2012

Comfort Food ~ Kitty Thomas

Comfort FoodComfort Food by Kitty Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emily Varges has been kidnapped.

The book opens with Emily finding herself alone and tied to a chair in what seems like an underground bunker. Her Captor never speaks, and it becomes clear from the very beginning that he has planned everything down to the last detail.

To call this story dark doesn't really begin to scratch the surface of how crazy twisted this book is.

As has been pointed out in other reviews, the subject of Stockholm Syndrome is one of the key themes to the story. And frankly the author does an amazing job of not only showing how Emily could become not just dependent on her Captor, but also desperate to please the mysterious man who is holding her captive. In fact, if Stockholm Syndrome could be caught from reading a book...I think I have it. Because damn if I wasn't seduced right along with Emily by this strange, brutal incredibly fucked up man who had no name. How crazy is that? That fact alone made this book a truly unique and at times uncomfortable book to read.

One of the best elements of the book, was how the author managed to convincingly explain why the Captor never speaks, and to also give us a glimpse into his motives for kidnapping Emily.

This book is brutal, far from romantic and disturbing at times. But in the end, Emily's final decision makes perfect sense to not just her character, but to the reader as well. Which is the most disturbing part of all.

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