Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beauty Touched Beast ~ Skye Warren

Beauty Touched the BeastBeauty Touched the Beast by Skye Warren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This quickie tackles one of my favorite

Blake is a war veteran who is scarred both physically and emotionally. Erin is a beautiful young woman who cleans his house twice a week. When Erin stumbles upon the reclusive Blake in a private moment...and calling out her name...the growing feelings she has for her employer start to overwhelm her. But, will she be able to get through to Blake and make him see he's far from the Beast he considers himself to be?

This novella is sexy and unfortunately FAR too short. I would have devoured a full length story featuring these two characters. But, the author still manages to pack a lot of emotion into such a short story. I have a big weakness for a tortured hero, and Blake is a great one. He is unable to believe that Erin could ever want to be with someone like him. And Erin has her own baggage, afraid that Blake will never see her as more than the 'hired help'.

But in the end, these two people come together and it's pure magic.
Definitely the best short story I have read in years.

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