Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Last Girl ~ Kitty Thomas

The Last GirlThe Last Girl by Kitty Thomas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was...different.

I am a big fan of Kitty Thomas' writing. Comfort Food is one of my all time favorite erotic/dark erotic books. So, I went into this one with high expectations. And though I still enjoyed her writing style, and the dark and twisty feel...I have to say this was a disappointment.

I loved the idea of a dominating hero who was a vampire. I loved the idea of him waiting 6 years to 'claim' her. However, I spent most of my time just not liking Christian at all. And it wasn't because he was an anti-hero (I have a weakness for them after all). The connection just wasn't there for me. And for the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit that part of my problem with the actual story was...


...Christian's need to take her virginity over and over...and over...again. I mean, he's a vampire, and he gets off on 'healing' her to the point where each time he has sex with her, she's intact? That aspect just really bothered me, for whatever reason. Also, the ending felt very rushed, though I had begun to warm up to Christian's character by then.

I have read a lot of dark erotica...so it wasn't like I went into this expecting hearts and flowers between the two main characters. After all, you can't get much darker than Comfort Food, and I loved every word of that book. But, I just wish there had been more emotion from Christian before the last few pages of the story.

Perhaps my expectations were too unrealistically high going into this. But, even though I was left feeling disappointed, I'm still a huge fan of this author's writing and will definitely read the rest of her work.

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