Thursday, October 11, 2012

Devoured ~ Emily Snow

Devoured (Devoured, #1)Devoured by Emily Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

A few thoughts after finishing Devoured.

1. Lucas. Holy Hotness Batman, that man was my favorite kind of uber-alpha hero. He was beyond yummy and definitely the reason I read this one so quickly.

2. This book was shorter than I expected, and in many ways certain parts of the story felt a bit rushed while other times i found myself thinking 'okay, let's get on with it.' In fact, i would have to say that 75% of this book was build-up...which is fine, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that i kinda wished we had more (a lot more) Si/Lucas time and less of the cat & mouse game. Having said that, when Si finally does decide to give herself completely to Lucas their love scene was well done...if a little short and less descriptive than I would have liked. I mean come on...considering this book is about a man obsessed with the idea of this woman being his submissive, I was expecting a LOT more in the sex scene dept. Not exactly Fifty Shades kind of descriptive, but...just more. In all honesty it felt a little like Snow wanted to gloss over the actual love scene and focus instead on the unconventional love story she was building up to. Which is totally fine. Just being honest with what my expectations were going into this.

3. There were several typos, but nothing out of the ordinary for a self-published book.

4. Okay, one thing that really did bug me? WHY is it that every time I read a book like this (i.e. alpha male Dom tries to get a hesitant woman to be his submissive) there is ALWAYS a psycho ex girlfriend/wife/lover etc in the man's past?!? I mean it is in every freaking one of these books I have read. GAH!!!

5. But in the end....none of my little nit-picky problems with this book really matter because I truly loved this story overall, and I have 2 words for you...THE. ENDING. Probably one of my favorite endings I have read all year. It was sooo well done and perfect. And even though I am thrilled that Si & Lucas' story is going to continue, I would have been okay with this being a standalone, simply because of the beautiful ending.

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