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Enclave ~ Ann Aguirre

Enclave (Razorland, #1)Enclave by Ann Aguirre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Deuce is a teenage girl living in one of many self-contained Enclaves located in the sewer-system in a post-apocalyptic version of NYC. She has just become a Hunter (someone who patrols the tunnels, protecting their home from the zombie-like creatures they call Freaks) and has been teamed up with another Hunter named Fade. One day, Deuce pulls a Katniss and decides to sacrifice herself in place of one of her friends and is banished from her Enclave and forced to venture into the city above. This is basically considered a death sentence, since NYC is considered an uninhabitable wasteland. So Fade chooses to go with her having spent part of his childhood above-ground before making his way down into the tunnels.

This book felt a little like 2 seperate stories. There was Deuce's life at the Enclave, and then there was her life Top-Side. There were many dangers in the tunnels, but once she and Fade venture into the actual city above, they have even more things to worry about.

Enclave was an incredibly dark book. Especially after the story moves into the city. The people that Deuce and Fade encounter there are even more terrifying then the Freaks, which is saying a lot.

My one and only problem with this book was when the author felt the need to introduce a love triangle into the mix. Not only was it an unnecessary plot element, but it was also completely unbelievable considering the actions of the third party when the character was introduced to the reader. The idea that Deuce would be able to develop feelings for someone so cruel and barbaric was just completely ridiculous to me. The romantic angst towards the end of the book was a bit off-putting to be honest.

But, overall this was a terrific and original take on a dystopian world, and I look forward to reading book two Outpost.

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