Monday, December 15, 2014

Addicted For Now (Addicted #2) ~ Krista & Becca Ritchie

Addicted for Now (Addicted, #2)Addicted for Now by Krista Ritchie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6 This-Series-Just-Keeps-Getting-Better Stars!!

This is the 3rd book (including #1.5 Ricochet) in what has quickly become my very favorite series! I can't even begin to express just how much I adore the way K&B write. They write with passion and love for these characters. They bring them to life so completely that they feel like living, breathing friends of mine that i have known forever. Which probably explains why I have found it VERY difficult to read anything else while making way through this series. Talk about having a book hangover!

This  book picks up right after the end of Ricochet, with Lily and Lo attempting to live somewhat normal lives in the midst of battling their addictions (Lo to Alcohol, and Lily to sex). Just when things seem to be getting back on track for the couple, Lily begins receiving messages from someone threatening to go to the press about her addiction - thereby humiliating her friends and family.

Normally I would probably expect a plot like this to have an overload of unnessasry angst involved. But, while there is definitely tension and drama resulting from LiLo trying to figure out who's behind the threats...nothing is ever overdone or unnecessary in this series. One of the main things i absolutely LOVE about this series, and about K&B's writing style in particular, is the unwavering love and devotion among the characters. When they are faced with obstacles, they continue to battle through them together. Instead of pushing each other away.

These books aren't just about one or two people. All six of the main characters feel real and important to the overall storyline. Their friendships are sometimes hard and they push each other's buttons, but they truly are a close-knit, if more than a little dysfunctional, family. The issues they deal with are completely believable and nothing is glossed over. Lily and Lo struggle with their addictions every day, and they stumble more than once. Which only makes them more human. But through all the ups and downs, their support and love for each other never falters.

I know my reviews for these books probably sound like nothing but fangirl gushing. But, honestly....I AM a K&B fangirl, and I make no apologies for it. It has been a long time since i have found a series of books that I felt such a connection to. I am beyond grateful to be experiencing these stories now and look forward to supporting these wonderful ladies in the future.

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